About Nol Reisman

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to the “North Brabant” website. North Brabant has a special place in my heart as it has been home for me for most of my life. I’ve visited all corners of this province and still continue exploring new places and experiences, which I like to share with you on this website. It is full with practical tips and background information on places to visit and things to do in North Brabant, I hope you will enjoy it.

My story and connection with North Brabant

I lived in North Brabant most time of my youth and it has been my home base ever since. I traveled a lot around the world but always came back to this place that is close at my heart and which gave me a lot of good memories. It is also the place where many of my ancestors are coming from, so I’ve a close link with North Brabant from the “Peel” in the east to the western part of the province.

I’ve walked and cycled around extensively through the province and visited most places of interest, Through this site I like to share my experiences and make it easier for you to find those places and activities that might interest you so that you can plan your visit to North Brabant effectively.

Goal of this website

The goal of this website therefore is to provide a credible information source on North Brabant that will encourage you to explore this province with all its natural and cultural richness and surprises.

Wishing you a pleasant visit and stay.

All the best,

Nol Reisman



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